Copa Brasil – Good Days on Guanabara Bay

Tocke RSX Training in Rio December 2015Kathleen is no stranger to racing in Rio de Janiero, having raced in two Snipe World Championship there, competed in the 2014 Olympic Test Event in the 49er FX Class, and spent time on her RSX board training on Rio’s Guanabara Bay.  This December, she again journeyed to Rio to compete in the Copa Brasil, one of the last events before the Olympic Games.

Although Rio has received a considerable amount of negative press concerning the Olympic sailing venue and the waters of Guanabara Bay, many sailors, Kathleen included, will tell you that it ranks among their favorite places to sail.Niteroi Bay looking towards Rio

“Most major cities have problems with their water, it’s something you learn to deal with when you’re a sailor,” says Tocke.  “I love sailing in Rio.  The race courses are so challenging with some of the most difficult current I have ever seen.  It changes with every leg of the race.  And when you are having a bad day on the water, all you have to do is look around and see the Christ, Sugarloaf, the mountains, beaches, and the beautiful citysacpe and it’s almost impossible to have a bad day.”


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