Fantoni & Tocke – Crowned Adriatic Champions at Piada Trophy

Southern European Snipe ChampionshipAfter being the Piada Trophy runner-up four-times, Kathleen finally claimed the title with Italian teammate, Pietro Fantoni.  The Piada Trophy is the second stop on the Snipe Class Summer Circuit.   The victory also established Fantoni and Tocke as Adriatic Champions.

This year Piada was held in Choiggia, Italy, a small city on the Venetian lagoon.  The sailing around Venice is know for extreme conditions, either very light or very heavy winds, and a lot of current.  This year, competitors sailed in very tricky light winds, which were favorable to the lightweight team of  Fantoni and Tocke.  They won three of the six races and posted no score worse than a third.  Rounding out the podium were Italy’s Fabio Rochelli and Daniela Semec in second and Manu Hens of Belgium sailing with his crew Victor Perez Campos of Spain.

“I am really happy for Pietro winning the event,” said Tocke. “Last year were competed in the Piada and ended up losing in a tie-breaker.  After being second so many times, with different skippers, it’s a relief to finally win.”

In addition to sailboat racing, Piada competitors had the chance to test their skills in the art of Venetian rowing.  “I think I am going to stick with sailing, at least I know I can go in a straight line!” said Kathleen after her attempt in the Venetian boat.






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