Sicily – Land of Sweet Sand & Sunshine

Collision in 2015 Europeans RSX Europeans Mondello Beach Palermo ItalyEvery year the World Festival on the Beach in Mondello (Palermo), Italy welcomes windsurfers to its stunning waters on the coast of Sicily.  This year, RSX sailors from around the world arrived in droves for the RSX European Championship.  Kathleen flew direct from her win at the Regata Nazionale in Tuscany to Palermo.

In Mondello she met up with her training group, including Farrah Hall (USA), Gabriel Verrier-Paquette (Canada), Diana Detre (Hunary), and coach Christophe Boutet (France).  Sailors who arrived for training prior to the Championship were treated to winds reaching up to 30 knots and waves up 3 meters.  The regatta, however, suffered from unstable winds and the sailors spent more time than expected being part of the festival on the beach, rather than on the water.  Kathleen finished in the Silver Fleet and was happy to get some practice racing in the big waves off Mondello.




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