Summer on the Adriatic

After 6 years of full-time sailing in the RSX, FX and Snipe Classes, Kathleen took a reprieve and ventured into other watersport activities. Summer started with two second place finishes, first at the Austrian Snipe Grand Prix and then at the Trofeo Ferin.  Shortly after, she settled into the seafront city of Trieste and within the first week, competed in an open-water 1 mile swim and continued swimming throughout the summer in the sea and working on speed and technique in one of Italy’s top training centers in Trieste.


“Trieste is known for sailing, but the wind is really fickle.  You have days with 2 knots or 30.  The water is amazingly warm and clear in Trieste, so taking up open-water swimming was an obvious choice.  You don’t need a boat, a crew, and it’s free.  Nice to go to workout with only goggles and a towel – a big change from windsurfing.  I was swimming 3.2 miles (5.1 km) in the pool and usually one mile in the sea – great aerobic exercise.”

Kathleen also moved into the world of Formula windsurfing, equipment similar to the RSX, but lighter and using larger sails.  The Surf Team Trieste, graciously hosted Kathleen at their club in Barcola on the outskirts of Trieste.



“Trieste is actually a haven for windsurfing and there are two popular clubs.  The wind is usually very light or Bora, which is a wind that blasts from the mountains.  Most sailors are on small boards with small sails.  I only had Formula gear and a 10 meter sail, so I was really challenged this summer and figured out how control such a big sail in big wind.”


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