Taking Home Bronze – A Special Games Concludes

CKTJ-51UMAE90SlFor any athlete, participating in a Games, let alone winning a medal is a proud moment, but when the Games are in your own backyard, there is something even more sweet about success.  Such was the case for Kathleen this July as she stood on the podium in Toronto after earning a bronze medal in the Snipe Class with teammate Augie Diaz.

“These Games will always be special to me.  The people of Toronto and the RCYC were amazing hosts, so welcoming to all the athletes.  The Games were so well organized.  You can’t imagine the logistics of just the security for the Opening Ceremonies.  And obviously it was so special because I was so close to home.  My family and friends were able to come an watch me race.  I visited home between training days.  I walked down familiar streets and saw old friends at the sailing venue every day.  It does wonders to make you relax and I think took a lot of the pressure off, because being there and having my friends and family supporting me was enough in itself.  A medal is just icing on the cake.”

The competitors had a trying week with very light winds and difficult courses, direct on the city front.  Team USA tied Brazil forSnipe Class Podium 2015 Pan American Games 2015 Team USA Tocke and Diaz the most sailing medals – six each.  Joining Diaz and Tocke on the podium in the Snipe Class were gold medalists Rio Rios and Fernando Monllor of Puerto Rico and Luis Soubie and Diego Lipszyc of Argentina.

One week after the conclusion of the sailing competition, because she was only an hour from home, Kathleen was the lone representative of the US Sailing Team to attend the Closing Ceremonies of the Games.

“I wasn’t able to attend the Closing Ceremonies in Mexico in 2011 because they were 6 hours from the sailing venue in Puerto Vallarta.  These Games were so spectacular, I really didn’t want them to end.  The first time you walk into a stadium representing your country, you are so proud no matter how patriotic you are.  When you walk into the stadium with a medal around your neck, it’s even more incredible.”






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